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How to Increase Customer Retention and Satisfaction
Poor management of customers across different channels results in losing customers in the long run. Without crucial customer data, companies will fail to provide relevant customer support, cross-selling opportunities,
timely alerts and better loyalty programs.

About the Webinar
Learn how to improve customer retention by monitoring service level agreements (SLAs) and analyzing the dynamics of customer omnichannel communication.
How to Increase Customer Retention and Satisfaction
What is the concept of omnichannel customer experience? And how to build effective omnichannel customer service experience in CRM;
How to monitor SLA to evaluate the overall quality of service provided;
How to incorporate practical & effective SLAs to keep your team engaged;
How to track customer feedback and current satisfaction rate, SLA violations using statistics on overdue cases;
How to analyze productivity of service staff based on their tasks, emails and phone calls, and track the dynamics of customer communications;
Demo: Leveraging bpm'online to improve customer service.
Don't miss out the webinar and learn how to accelerate your customer service processes

11 December, 2018
11:00 AM
(UTC +04 Dubai Time)
60 minutes
live stream

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